Corey, I have tried everything. MySpace, Facebook, blogs, etc….and more etc…. I know i am just a small town Mississippi girl, with no major fame( excellent muscian i am), but I really want to talk , meet, the real man who puts his pants on like all of us do..Dern,my email is posted:  I wrote 3 Myspace messages..I just want the real man. Heck, I know I’m a nobody, but my son Scotty asks me why i can’t reach you, and he’s 10yrs old..Would it help to give a cell phone #?? Please Corey, find me..Tammy Morrison Broome(carter)..Are u there for us little folks????? Take care. I will be praying for you..Tradegies and all..Hey, I’ve had 13 surgeries since 20yrs ols, I’m 40yrs old now..Maybe i am alittle different..No kidding..ha! Smile!!!! Please find me…Tam……….all my true prayers r with you……..

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Hello world!

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